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I grew up in a home where it was normal to have an easel set up in the living room. My mom was a painter and my grandparents, who lived in the apartment below us were both artists as well. I always loved making things but my career path took me in a different direction. I continued to work with wood when circumstances allowed but it wasn't until about 2010 when I got to spend some time with the wood lathe that I really understood the drive my family felt to create.

Now, as my career is winding down, I feel driven to explore the boundaries of wood art and sculpture. Inspired by man's interaction with nature, the way organic interacts with inorganic, the way geometric shapes interact with free form curves and the way color and texture can affect all of the above. The well is deep and I have only sampled the surface. I feel excited and privileged to be able to explore what lies below.

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